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The Donna Scott School of Dance is dedicated to the personal growth and development of each and every student. Helping each student reach their own personal best is our goal. Our professional adult teaching staff consistently provides confidence, encouragement and quality instruction to our students. We do not have a competitive or a non-competitive program. We have a "be the best you can be" program.

Each year we have a theme-based recital, this past year's was titled The Best of Buffalo and was held at Maryvale High School on May 29th & 30th. Each student performed with such enthusiasm that a deep sense of pride was felt by all. Self-confidence and dedication are true rewards for a dance education. Our studio also participated in the SummerDanse Festival competition. We are very proud of all the students that competed, many achieving high scores at the regional level. We also are very proud of our students who performed in Nifty Fifties & Music Man, as well as numerous other high school musicals where many of our students found yet another way to grow as performers. We are looking forward to a wonderful trip to NYC in July, where our students will study with top teachers and choreographers from all different parts of the country. As you see, a good dance background can span many avenues, whether it be teaching, entertaining or just having fun. It can build character, confidence and an appreciation for the arts. Dance can truly enrich a life.

All classes are under the direct supervision of Donna Scott. The curriculum for all classes, whether taught by her or not, is of her design. All staff members report on students' progress at regular staff meetings. All teachers are highly qualified and devoted to the development of their students.